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Sleep Deprivation Radio–Playlist for 8/1

Sleep Deprivation Radio from allthosewastedhours on 8tracks.

This is a dispatch from survival mode. This is a dispatch from a sonic diet existing primarily on Pandora and recommendations from friends, a far cry from the kind of music I’d like to say I’m discovering on my own. These last few months have found me listening to albums on repeat in a way I never thought I would, and there is value in this practice, however odd it feels not to binge daily on new music. The songs on this list are thematically alike in sound, so if the lead song, ‘Tin Man’ by Future Islands doesn’t do it for you, maybe move on.

On a side note, one of the better discoveries I’ve made in the last few weeks was the Bonnaroo 2012 YouTube channel with links to reasonably HD concert footage from this year’s show. Alabama Shakes hold the title for my favorite performance so far, but I’ve only scratched the surface of the hours of footage posted on the channel.


Long Weekend Playlist

Long Weekend from cowanj2 on 8tracks.

Last Sunday I seriously effed my knee kiteboarding, bending it in from the absolutely wrong side coming down off a trick fueled by camerawhore hubris and an especially strong gust of wind. (Come to find out later, the camera wasn’t even running.) After staying true to form this week and pushing it as far as I possibly could at the climbing gym, I’m left at home on a wind advisory Saturday with a still swollen set of joints and some occasional popping and clicking, good enough to walk on, far from kiteable. So I got to blog mining and figured I’d work out a soundtrack to my soon to be bender of domestic productivity, working off the not too distant quasi bender of a friend’s birthday party at (just) the Tips hockey match last night. (My liver will thank me when my child is born and I no longer have a go to DD at every turn.) Continue reading

These are my favorites: List for 11/11/11

My playlist this week covers all that I was introduced to in the last seven days, and highlights the tracks I was instantly affected by. I’ve got today off thanks to Veterans, and I intend to spend it navigating an epic windstorm that’s set to hit the Puget Sound in the next few hours. In doing so, I’ll sacrifice some data to stream these songs while I’m driving around. Some of these are slow builders, others, like Pusha T, are easy hooks from the start. All together, there isn’t a weak track in the bunch, as far as I’m concerned. Enjoy.

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Jon’s Playlist for 11/4/11

The lack of regular posting, despite a steady stream of pros worthy music that’s come out in the last week or so, serves as an indicator of this moment in the year when chronic fatigue via a slew of first world problems starts to drag me down. While my lack of noise on the blog might indicate otherwise, I have indeed been listening. Mac, I got into Veedon Fleece at a few different points this week, and I’d put my appreciation of it right up there with Astral Weeks. If grooveshark hosted ‘Bulbs’ it would have been planted midway through this week’s list. As it stands however, this week’s list from me is built from two primary sources. One, the new albums appearing this week that I immediatly took to, including the Decemberists’ Long Live the King EP, Florence and the Machine’s Ceremonials and Phantogram’s Nightlife EP. A handful of other songs come inspired from one of my new favorite feeds on Tumblr, music to have sex to. I dug through about three weeks of archives and pulled whatever stood out to me in the first few minutes of listening. Oh, and the video, courtesy of another favorite blog of mine, BOOOOOOOM!, brings crochet work to yet unexplored levels of artistic relevance in under four minutes. Enjoy.

Seventeen Evergreen – Polarity Song from Lucky Number Music on Vimeo.

What I Listened to This Week: Playlist for 10/28

This is the week we teachers trade two twelve hour days of largely mundane teacher conference banter under neon lights for the sweet release of three staggered half days to be used at our best discretion. A fair trade as far as I’m concerned. Mine have been spent first at the climbing gym, second kiteboarding till my semi-essential extremities were numb (hands and feet, to be clear) followed by the brilliant sunset above from the Mukilteo ferry. Tomorrow, having just cashed in another twelve hour run, hopefully more wind and waves. All the while these are the songs that have kept me lucid, motivated and did work to provide quick mental separation from the whirlwind of a halfday with middle schoolers puling out of the parking lot around 10:31.

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